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Stage Line products


Founded in 1936, Laurendor S.A. is a Spanish company specialising in the production and commercialisation of cosmetics in the field of treatment and make-up. Creativity, quality and security in our products as well as customer service are distinguishing features of our company. It is a company with a profound knowledge of the sector, the production and the development of the goods that are commercialised and also of the distribution operation.

The company is made up of various departments which consist of quality control (which controls the entire process, from raw material to final product), investigation and development (always in continued research into developing new products), marketing, exportation and our own commercial network. They form the basis of a competitive company that has, through the demands of the foreign markets, demonstrated the quality of its products: STAGE LINE ( make-up for professional use and distribution), LAURENDOR (cosmetic treatment) , LAUKROM (make-up for carnival and characterisation).

Company philosophy

The careful selection of ingredients, the production process, the quality control and dermatological tests, make our cosmetics being effective, current, comfortable and safe for our clients. We make a continued effort to manufacture the best products at competitive prices which are distributed by highly valued, experienced and dedicated professionals in order to retain the confidence that people show in the products that we produce.
When creating new products we bear in mind the following:
- Quality, using only raw materials and manufacturing techniques of the first order.
- Safety, each product is subject to strict quality controls and dermatological tests.
- Respect for our clients' demands, for which we work continually with our professional beauty and make-up team.
- Environmentally friendly, using only recyclable bottling and packaging.
Lip Balm
To moisturize, nourish and regenerate the lips. Contains jojoba oil, shea butter and hyaluronic acid, extract of barley, Vitamin E. Free of parabens. SPF15

Cleansing Gel
Deep cleansing gel when intensive cleansing of hands, brushes, make-up tools and materials is required.

Make Up Fixer
Fix make-up all day to prevent clothing stains and removal by friction or

Paint Stick
Resistant foundation offering high coverage.
Formulated with treated pigments for a silky touch.

Formula Two
Compact powders formulated with micron mineral pigments.
Ultra fine and silky with natural appearance. Contains Vitamin E.

Fluid Make-up
Make-up fluid, high-powered moisture, thank to the content of
natural moisturizing factors, of algae extract, providing vitamin B and C.
Medium coverage with a natural matt finish. Shake before use. For dry and combination skin. Oil Free. SPF 15

Transparent Powder
Non-drying. Long lasting powder prepared with treated
pigments for softness. Apply directly on the skin or over cream make up to set it. Apply with brush or puff. Its reflective effect helps protect the skin from UV .

Matt foundation offering high resistance to friction,
perspiration and water with exceptional long lasting results. Contains UV factor, Aloe Vera (moisturising), thyme extract (purifying effect). Apply with sponge. Recommended for oily or combination skins. Oil free.

Cover Down
Fluid corrective coverage make up for improving the appearance of
redness, hyper-pigmentation and papules. Contains natural moisturising factor and Bisabobol (balance and nourishes). Apply with sponge. Oil free.

Natural Lifting Fluid Make up
Natural finish fluid make up. With vegetable tensors that produce a
lifting effect as the make up drys. Contains antioxidants,
free of radicals plus vitamin E that helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles. SPF 12. Shake before use. Oil free.

Long Lasting Make Up
Make up fluid with silicone content for a soft silky feel. Helps combat the signs of tired, fatigued skin, providing camouflage to the eye area and/or skin imperfections and creating a natural brightness. Long lasting, water resistant, intensely moisturizing it is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. Contains rosa mosqueta (rose hip oil), kaoli paste and hyaluronic acid.

Magic Touch
Corrects imperfections (around eyes, nose, lip areas). Adds light to hyper pigmented areas and contains UV filter. Contains Camomile and Aloe Vera extract to relax and moisturize the skin. Apply directly on areas as required and blend with fingertips. Oil free.

Matt Mousse Make up
Creamy soft matt finish mousse. Waterproof and long lasting. Contains Argireline which acts similarly to a muscular relaxant reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It gives the effect of plumping softening and refining wrinkles. Contains Vitamin E and SPF 15.

H – Definition Cover
Foundation offering excellent cover with a natural finish. Made of silicone and pigments of mineral origin it is perfect for High Definition. Contains vitamin E, extract of barley (allergy free, non irritant). SPF 15. Suitable for all skin typs including sensitive. Oil free.

Long Lasting, hydrating lipstick. Hydrates and gives volume, contains vitamin E (anti wrinkle) and a sun protection factor.

Precise Liner
Long lasting water based liquid ink eyeliner with a precise soft tip offering intensive even color application.

Eye Liner
Eye liner with special applicator for a perfect defined line. High resistance formula.

Soft Liner
Creamy eye pencil. It’s special texture allows smooth application, blending and avoids dryness.

Max Effect Mascara 3D

Max Effect Mascara Lash modeling and extra lengthening mascara. 3D polymer formula adds volume and intense color to the lashes. Waterproof and water resistant. Ophthalmological tested. Remove with cleansing oil.

Long & Volume Mascara
Mascara with curl and volume effect containing panthenol to nourish and reinforce the eyelashes. Non waterproof.

Mascara Waterproof
Volumising and protecting mascara. Lengthens and separates. Contains panthenol to nourish and jojoba to moisturize.

Glow Up Aplicator
Lip gloss with applicator. Resistant, moisturize and emphasis lip volume.Contains solar protection. Apply directly to the lips on top of lipstick.

Fix Lipstick
Resistant lipstick. Hyaluronic acid (high in moisture).
Free of parabens. SPF10

Soft Liner
Creamy and smooth lips pencil.Applies, blends and spreads easily. Its special texture avoids the dryness of any part of lips.

Silky Eye Shadow
Cotto eye shadow with ceramic base, cooked in the oven. 4 models.

Iridescent and duochrome loose powder or application on eyes, cheekbones and lips. Can also highlight cleavage area.

Solo Eye Shadow
Individual eye shadow. Matte and pearly colors with treated pigments for a silky texture and a smooth, even application.

Cleansing Oil
Make up remover formulated with essential oils to remove resistant make up and mascara. Contains jojoba oil.

Silk Veil
Refining matt finish skin treatment creates a 3D network that smoothes and reduces the appearance of open pores. A light luxurious silky texture allows the skin to breathe. Contains hyaluronic acid (extra moisturizing) with vitamin E (anti oxidant) vitamin A (cellular renewal). The active ingredients are slowly absorbed into the skin targeting the signs of aging.

Eye & Lips Complex
Creamy eye and lip liner enriched with vegetable extracts. Intensely moisturizing and firming (algae extract). Reduced puffiness around the eye and eye lids. Anti- oxidant and anti-wrinkle (vitamins E, B1, B2, B5, C). Protects against the stress and pollution (vegetable extract). SPF 15.Oil free.

Flash Lifting Serum
Fast absorbing cream for normal, dry, sensitive and stressed skin types giving protection against pollution and offering immediate results. Revitalizing and reviving. Contains sunflower see extract (intense moisturizing). osehip and vitamin E, F. SPF 15

Cleansing oil
Make up remover formulated with essential oils to remove resistant make up and mascara. Contains Jojoba oil.

Velvet Blush
Blusher formulated from treated pigments which helps to smooth a
nd strengthen without drying the skin. Natural even finish with
reflecting properties protects against UV.

Hydra Complex Tonic  Lotion
Tonic lotion with a smoothing and moisturizing effects.Containing natural moisturizing factor, lemon, apple, peach, wheat germ and extracts of barley and ginseng.

Hydra Complex Make-up Remover
Creamy gel to remove all make up dead skin cells.
Contains moisturizing Aloe Vera, vitamins and proteins. For normal dry, sensitive and stressed skin types.

Hydra Complex Luminous Cream
Fast absorbing revitalizing and reviving cream for normal, dry, sensitive and stressed skin types giving immediate result. Intense moisturizer (sunflower seed extract) antioxidant and anti wrinkle (rosehip, vitamins E & F). Protects against stress and pollution. SPF 15

Matte Pure Make up Remover Gel
Foaming gel containing thyme extract which has a purifying effect. Oil Free.

Matte Pure Tonic Lotion

Tonic lotion with a purifying, moisturizing, smoothing and mattifying effect.Contains burdock extract, natural moisturizing factor. Contains extract lemon, apple, peach, ginseng and wheat germ.

Matte Pure Moisturizing Serum

Fast absorbing  moisturizing serum for oily combination and stressed skin giving measurable results. Serum contains algae extract, vitamins B1, B2, B5 and vitaminC. oil controlling purifying and mattifying action, anti – inflammatory and smoothing effect. SPF15

High lightening  Mouse

High lightening mousse texture, to be used as a blush or to give points of light in the face and body.  Its texture makes it easy to apply and long lasting. Apply with fingers or brush.